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We have two lists of books shown here. Some of which are for sale related to Scouting and Eagles and some written by NESA members that we feel you may be interested in reading. In some cases we are not offering these for sale but provide a link so you can buy the book. Check out all our books.

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100 Years of the Eagle Scout Award (Soft Cover)


Everyting you wanted to know about almost all the Knots of the BSA. 7th edition by Gary Whitman


Order of the Arrow: BSA Council, Lodge and Area/Section Merger Histories

         Volume 1 - Background Information and Area/Section History

         Volume 2 - Lodge Histories and State Maps  


A history and compies of all ceremonies of the Order of the Arrow from 1916 to 1948. 



A complete history of the Order of the Arrow and the ceremonies from 1916 to 1948.