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2013, 2015 and 2017 Conservation NESA Eagle Patch Set


2017 Conservation NESA Jamboree Eagle Patch


Destinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) Leather Back Patch - Restricted 4 3/4 inch diameter.


Life Member leather back patch  4 3/4 inch diameter.


BSA National Meeting Patch given out to attendees of the 2016 BSA National Meeting. Not a common patch since most people are not at this function.


NESA Firefighter Affinity Group Patch set - the error patch and the correct patch in a set special price.


NESA Firefighter Affinity Group Decal


NESA Firefighter Affinity Group Patch


NESA Firefighter Affinity Group ERROR Patch


Official 3-inch pocket patch featuring the NESA Logo.


Official 8-inch jacket patch featuring the NESA Logo.


Outstanding Eagle (NOESA) Leather Back Patch - Restricted  4 3/4 inch diameter.


World Explorer Complete Patch Set